Our Vision and Mission

The vision of Historia Collective is to provide beautiful, timeless, and candid wedding and portrait documentation for people who value their family history and luxury products.

The mission of Historia Collective is to preserve your family history though the creation of timeless images and films in order to produce heirloom products for future generations to cherish. This will be done by creating true-to-life photographs while exercising restraint and caution when it comes to trends in media and photography. With the goal that every Historia Collective client would have daily physical reminders of their commitment to each other and that their memories would outlive them.

We chose the redwood tree to symbolize Historia Collective. The redwood is one of the strongest trees around; it is resistant to the normal insects and fire that threaten its neighbors. Some redwood trees have been discovered having a  2,000-year history! Redwood trees are also evergreens, they stay fresh and live year round. Trees are often used as a symbol for family history as a family tree. As we thought about what we want to do here at Historia Collective, we hope that as we document your family history we’d give you deep roots and a long and resilient life together with many memories to enjoy.

Meet the Team

Hi there, I’m Lisa,

Southwest Michigan Wedding Photographer and owner of Historia Collective (formerly Lisa Hammond Photography).

I’m madly in love 6+ years after I said “I Do”

Mother of the cutest kids on the planet (I’m just a little biased).

I’m addicted to coffee and not just caffeine.

I learned to read music before I knew my ABCs, so I love a good ballet, symphony, or concert.

I shot my first wedding while living in Indonesia, my passport is ready for another international wedding, so if you’re thinking about a destination wedding, I’m a seasoned traveler!

I like classic style paired with fashion statements.

I’m a leader and a follower, and I know how to tell what’s needed in any given situation.

I absolutely LOVE people and learning to tell their love stories, and I can’t wait to get to know you.

Inquiries about availability and pricing can be directed to lisa@historiacollective.com or be completing a contact form.

Hey there, I’m David.

On a typical day, you can find me at a stand up desk around the office with a coffee or Red Bull–sugar free of course–creating pivot tables in Excel or balancing a budget. I’ll have a conversation about anything as long as it’s over a good craft beer.

If I was stranded on an island and got to bring one thing, I’d (honestly) pick my family. I believe that if nothing is adventured, nothing is gained. I live for traveling to new places. I’ve been all over Africa, Southeast Asia, and to most of the U.S. states.

I love to build. I have remodeled three kitchens so far, including my current one. Lisa thinks she is Joanna Gaines, so I guess that makes me Chip, but without the crew of 12 men to help. When I’m not at the office, you’ll find me outdoors rock climbing, in a kayak, or on a road bike.

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